Karisma ni Maria always aims to create handmade products by
maximizing items that are considered waste to other people. Each handcrafted piece produced is a unique item and can be made from a variety of items; like jewellery, bags & hand-painted empty bottles. Making the most out of the recycled items such as wine corks, leftover locally-produced leather, overrun of fabrics, tin can pull tabs, etc., creating one of a kind products generally an item that is not commonly seen in the market.


We always believe that the possibilities are endless when it comes to recycling, repurposing and reusing. Besides making handcrafted accessories, we also repurpose glass bottles turning them into drinking glasses, plant holders dishes, table lamps & chandeliers with the help of my son and daughter. Moreover, we also repurpose glass bottles into containers for our hand poured soy and beeswax candles which are infused with the finest essential oils & lead free wicks.

We wanted to influence people on using an earth-friendly commodity that has drawn us to create our own organic products such as soaps and body butter. As we broaden the beneficial goals of our campaign, we also produce our latest home and linen spray in glass bottles using high quality essential oils & Phthalate free perfume oils. Given that we are producing more products, we also into "eco-packaging". We have been in this campaign for years now & to tell you honestly, we were not expecting how these ideas are now extremely influencing other people, especially to the ones who are seeing my posts online.

Many people, who are both known or unknown to me, are now proactively reaching out & giving us their recyclable wastes. It's a total surprise of how this campaign is now affecting someone else's perspective when it comes to items which they considered waste before. It's a great feeling that, little by little, more people are being conscious of how to minimize waste by letting us maximize it through upcycling. This gives me hope that sooner or later, having a zero-waste environment is more attainable if people have a better understanding on how to upcycle waste items and cooperate in being part of our campaign.